Top best educational websites in 2020

Top best educational websites in 2020


In this article we discuss about educational websites and their features in detail. Education is compulsory for every men and women, all religions especially Islam strongly emphasize to get education. The main purpose of education is to spread awareness about all aspects of life and all rules and regulation of society in which we live. Education provides basic laws for living, learning, interacting, following and collecting information from different available sources. Now a days every student wants to get the best education, but every good institutes receive handsome fee for providing best education. Some students pay these dues very easily as they belong to rich families, but poor students find different kind of opportunities like scholarships, loans from different banks and also from specific companies. These poor students also get help from part time job with study. As the world totally change into global world we live in internet era in which every person take advantage from technology. Internet provide approximately every kind of information and respond all our queries. By using internet you can get high cost education in free or small amount. The purpose of this article is to provide all free educational websites information which is best study websites for students. These sites provide enough knowledge to become a professional in your favorite profession. Here we discuss all useful websites for college students.

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In this article, you can get complete details of free and paid courses online platforms. We select bout 12 sites which provides professional courses at reasonable price. Some sites also provide free courses from selected categories. If you are looking for top educational sites which provide free courses with certifications, this article will help you the browse all these sites.

List of Top educational websites in 2020

Criteria of Ranking

In this article, you can find the top educational websites in 2020. We ranked these sites according to their search volume and content.


EDX is the collection of best courses, all skills are free of cost. You can learn from the best professors from the best Universities like MIT and Berkeley. Computer science, Language, Business and Management, Engineering, Humanities and emerging branch of Computer science Data science are the main fields of EDX. It is one of the best educational websites for elementary students.


Udemy is popular websites for college students and professional for learning modern tools and technology. You can also learn skill from experienced developers and professional of all fields of science and arts. After completing your course you can get your certification from Udemy which can help you in the CV or Resume to fill experience field. It is very helpful websites for students also provide best educational institution website designs and development. The main courses on Udemy are Development, Business, IT and Software, Marketing, Life Style, Office Productivity and language.


Pluralsight is the technology learning platform for students and professional. You can find hundreds of best courses online and also get certification. This site usually has some cost for courses, but you can get free trial access for 10 days.


Coursera provide you the best platform for learning and completing university education with best degrees from best universities. It cover almost every branch of science. Coursera machine learning and Coursera python are best courses for learning AI concepts.

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You can find the best courses from top Universities of World and learn modern skills required for a good job. This site is best for Professional learning and research. If you are looking for free or cheap courses, then this site is for you.


Lynda provide you the best solution of Software development, Design, Business, Web Development and Photography. You can get unlimited access at anywhere with expert teachers from top universities of the world.


Futurelearn is one of the best educational websites on Internet. This site deals with short online courses of almost every category of knowledge. You can select thousands of online courses from top universities and specialist organizations. This educational site contains 14 different categories of subjects including Science and Technology, Art, Health and Business.


OpenLearn provides you the best solution of free online learning. If you want to start career in one technology, you must take these free courses as these courses are good for beginners. OpenLearn also provides certifications after completion of free courses.


Alison is best educational website, which deals with business as well as technology courses. The aim of this site is providing education to all needy people. You can browse many courses from top instructors of World. This site also provides online certifications.


Harvard is famous University, it also offers free courses at Harvard site. This site also provides certifications and free courses from selected category of knowledge. If you want to study in top universities and you cannot afford expenditures, then this site provides free learning materials and it is best for you. is best educational website, which provides you the best solution of online learning with certification. This site offers limited number of free courses and thousands of paid courses with different deals.


Udacity is one the best educational website which offers paid courses only. This site also provides mini or Nano degrees in different educational fields. Udacity deals with Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, Programming, Autonomous Systems, Cloud Computing and Business category of knowledge.

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Find out the complete list of top educational sites which offers free online courses in 2020. Learn free from top universities and online platforms. These sites provide you the best solution of professional courses.


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