Indeed, to your Lord is the return 

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This quote is verse of Holy Quran. Allah says in Quran in Para 30 Surah 96 and Ayah 8 “Indeed, to your Lord is the return”. This surah has 19 Ayah, first revelation of Quran contains Ayah of this Surah. This Ayat has great wisdom for Muslims and others if they believe. We should recite Holy Quran daily for getting benefits of Dunya as well as Akhirat. There are many Hadith in Islam which show details of all the gifts for a man, who recite Holy Quran daily. In Prayer, the recitation of Holy Quran is compulsory. So please recite the Holy Quran with proper rules and regulations.

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Quran quotes are message of Allah, which provides you the best solution of living a peaceful and successful life in this Universe. In this Quran quote, you should know the true meaning of life.

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Allah (The Creator and the Master of universe)

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The Ratings of this Quran quote is 10/10.

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